VW Social Media Plugin


VW Social media plugin allows you to share the web page with the reputed social networking platforms that are globally accessible. For increasing the social interaction and sharing of websites, you can use this plugin to add social media icons to the desired web page. You can use the shortcodes available to add the social media icons to a particular page. You can change and customize those shortcodes to make desirable changes. You have the freedom to change the position and alignment of icons and place them wherever you want to. VW Social media plugin has an option to specify and modify the sharing icon shape. Keep it round or make it rectangular or square.
In VW Social media plugin, you can not only change the shape but also change the background color and logo color of sharing icons. You can enable or disable the sections. Like, if you don’t want the icons to display on a particular page, you can simply disable it. Show and hide option for individual sharing icon is also available. Users can also add custom icons as this plugin provides an option to do so. You can add a custom URL as it improves your brand image. VW social media plugin has a mobile responsive sharing interface. It supports all the HTTPS-enabled websites and it is multisite compatible.